BreakPtr (abbrev. for Break-Pointer) is a computational approach for segmenting CGH data and analyzing chromosomal DNA sequence. Its Finder predicts breakpoints of large deletions and amplifications. Its Annotator identifies actual dosage ratios. And its Flagger identifies regions where probe cross-hybridization has presumably occurred.

Java Version

Perl Version

System Requirements UNIX, Mac, Windows OS
Java Development Kit 5
UNIX, Mac, Windows OS
Perl 5.8.6
R 2.3.1
Executability GUI executable and command line executable
Command line executable

Literature Jan O. Korbel, Alexander Eckehart Urban, Fabian Grubert, Jiang Du,Thomas E. Royce, Peter Starr, Guoneng Zhong, Beverly S. Emanuel, Sherman M. Weissman, Michael Snyder & Mark B. Gerstein (2007), Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 104:10110-5.

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